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Ticket Packages: $100


  • one adult entry to fish derby

  • one entry to Winter Carnival pub (Queen tribute)

  • one entry in $5,000 elimination draw

  • one entry in Christmas Eve draw for $1,000

  • one entry in 4 x $250 early bird draws (below)


Fish Derby Prizes:

  • tagged fish: five x $5,000

  • ballot draws: ten x $1,000 (winners listed below)

  • prize for every ticketholder during elimination draw


Early Bird Dates:

  • $1000 early bird draw (Dec 24: Joanne Coupland)

  • $250 early bird draw (Jan 6: Jakob Rosko-Fong)

  • $250 early bird draw (Jan 20: Carrie Long)

  • $250 early bird draw (Feb 3: Robbie Brough)

  • $250 early bird draw (Feb 17: Peter McLean)

2019 ballot draw winners ($1,000 each):


Clayton Lance

Kyle Kirkconnelly

Jagger Allen

Synnthia Alexander

Yvonne Rozon


Nelson Bourgeois

Carole Lessard

Jason Frook

Andrew Couture

Ellen Lafrance

Kids Fish Derby ballot draw winners:

Logan McPherson

Liam McLean

Jocelyn Lambert

Evan Cowie

Nick Archer

Ashley St Cyr

Cameron Belanger

Zander Oliver

Liam McLean

$5,000 Elimination Draw Winner(s):

Ken Renaud & Mindy Lapointe (split)

50/50 winning ticket ($2500): 334450

ages: 19+ (kids derby 18 & under)

rules: here
ticket locations: Complex & Goldland's (available Dec 1)
online tickets: HERE

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fish derby alamos logo.png
Alamos Gold $50,000 Fish Derby

Saturday, February 23, 2019
8am-2pm (gates 7am)
Otto Lake at Culver Park

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